Paul Nuyujukian


Paul Nuyujukian PhD MD
Postdoctoral Scholar
Department of Neurosurgery
Department of Electrical Engineering
Stanford University


I am a neural prosthetics researcher at the NPTL and the NPSL under Jaimie Henderson and Krishna Shenoy.

My interests are in neuroengineering and its application to both basic and clinical neuroscience.
The goal of my work is to develop communication and motor prosthetics for people suffering from paralysis.
Specifically, I focus on the development and translation of intracortical neural prosthetics in both basic and clinical studies.

My work includes:

  • development and testing of decoding algorithms

  • optimization of prosthetic interfaces

  • demonstration of practical and clinical utility

  • evaluation of long-term system stability

Contact Information

318 Campus Dr
W100 Clark Center
Stanford, CA 94305-5436